Christian Elving


Lyngby is a Danish design company that rediscovers and recreates applied arts from our mutual Scandinavian design heritage and tradition. In 2012, the original, classic Lyngby vase was relaunched, which was originally manufactured by Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark between 1936-1969. Over time, the vase became an iconic collector’s item and that stands to reason. The simple and unpretentious column shape suits any home – whether the vase is used as a freestanding sculpture or when it allows any flower or bouquet to unfold in the most beautiful way.



Lyngby Porcelaen was originally established in 1936. The manufactury closed in 1969, but was re-launched in 2012. At the moment, Lyngby is part of the The Rosendahl Design Group. Its design products are sold in hundreds of shops in about 20 countries around the world.
Mervision represents Lyngby only in the Netherlands.


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