Tuttu Sillanpää


Verso Design was established in 1997 by mother and daughter duo Kirsikka Savonen and Tuttu Sillanpää. Tuuli Burman, Tuttu's sister, soon joined the company. Today, the fast growing company is one of the leading Finnish design brands and still a family run operation based in Helsinki, Finland.
The Verso Design product range consists of high quality home furnishings and interior design products: tabletop and lifestyle products made of high quality wool felt, soft wool throws and scarves, felt carpets, Happy Kitchen line of products made of line/cotton, trays, baskets, etc.

Website: http://www.versodesign.fi


Verso Design was established in 1997. Verso's home furnishings and interior design products are sold in over 10 countries around the world.


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Van Nelle Fabriek
Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam
Unit Tabak 2/7
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